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24. apríl, 2020
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ABU Ambassadeur Classic 6500 C3


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Ambassadeur Classic C3 CT Mag

The 6500c3 CT High-Speed is the all-new version of the world famous Mag Elite, with a hi-speed retrieve ratio. Features 6-pin centrifugal brake, mag brake system, crowned Durabrass gears and the Carbon Matrix® Drag. The ultimate distance series of reels.

Another reel that continues the theme of ruggedness, capacity, easy handling and versatility. The Abu 7000 is the Volvo estate of the beach fishing world, made even better in this C3 CT Mag version by fingertip control over the open frame and extra speed for retrieve.

  • Carbon matrix drag system for optimal durability and performance
  • 2 HPCR™ bearings in the spool
  • Corrosion resistant IAR bearing
  • Line out alarm
  • Magtrax brake system
  • Open top CT frame
  • Dual stopper
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