ABU Reflex red fl/orange 12-18gr
27. apríl, 2020
ABU Reflex red grænn flash 12-18gr
27. apríl, 2020
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ABU Reflex red gulur 12-18gr


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Reflex Red

The Abu Garcia Reflex Spinner is an all time best seller since 1951. Reflex has a simple design that’s easy to use and catches fish of all species. The streamlined Reflex casts long and accurately, even against the wind. And there’s a strong possibility that any retrieve will experience the strike of a bass, trout, pike, perch and chub or just about any freshwater/saltwater fish imaginable. It’s an all-purpose lure that consistently catches fish. The Reflex Red is the most classic one and holds 14 colours.

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12gr, 18gr