Bushnell H Prime 10×42 sjónauki
5. maí, 2023
Bushnell H Engage DX 10×42 sjónauki
5. maí, 2023
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Bushnell H Engage DX 12×50 sjónauki


Vörunúmer: SAKKA-210-BENDX1250 Flokkar: ,

The Engage DX in the powerful 12X50 configuration are a perfect combination of performance, capability, and affordability with a lifetime warranty. They have an all-metal chassis, fully multicoated optics, and they have our exclusive EXO Barrier. Water is no problem as they’re IPX7 waterproof rated to guarantee they’ll never fog up. The rich textured rubber armor guarantees you’ll always have a firm grip. To top it all off, they’re covered by our full lifetime Ironclad Warranty – Buy with confidence.

  • Roof prisms are dielectric coated for high resolution viewing.
  • EXO Barrier bonds to exterior lens surfaces, and repels water, oil,
    fog, dust and debris making sure you can see your target in any
  • All-metal chassis for ruggedness.


Tæknilegar upplýsingar:

  • Stækkun: 12×50
  • Litur: Svartur
  • Sjónsvið á 1000m: 130m
  • Lengd: 140mm
  • Þyngd: 666gr
  • Augn stykki: 18mm – twist-up
  • Prism system: Roof
  • Prism gler: BAK-4
  • Vatnsheldni: Já, IPX7
  • Ljósop: 50mm
  • Fókus: 9 fet / 270 cm og uppúr.
  • Verndun: EXO Barrier (sjá lýsingu ofar)
  • Styður þrífót: 
  • Blý-laust gler: