Greys Fluguhjól 4-5-6
24. apríl, 2020
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Greys Fluguhjól 6-7-8


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A high specification, high quality reel, the GX900 is a serious competitor in all forms of fishing, from tackling small wild Trout in the Scottish Highlands with the #2/3/4, to taming those big, hard fighting Salmon on famous rivers around the world with the larger sizes, there’s a GX900 to accompany you on your next trip, wherever that may be.

  • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag
  • 6061 bar stock Aluminium construction
  • Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
  • Large arbour design with captive spool release
  • Supplied with Neoprene Pouch

Prefer a cassette reel? Try the GX700 instead

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