ABU Reflex red tiger 7-18gr
27. apríl, 2020
HARDY Flugustöng Shadow 9,6 Ft L6 4pc
28. apríl, 2020
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HARDY Flugustöng Shadow 9 Ft L8 4pc


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HARDY Flugustöng Shadow 9 Ft L8 4pc

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Hardy Shadow brings a new level of technology and value into the Hardy Brand, Sintrix 220 is the stepping stone into the industry leading Sintrix Technology platform. Hardy Shadow features an easy loading yet sharp recovering blank design that gives easy access to user friendly high performance. All Shadow rods feature high quality hard ware and a modern cosmetic design that reflects the finest Hardy Build quality.

• SINTRIX® 220 blank construction.
• High Quality Hardware.
• Easy loading yet Sharp recovery blank design.
• Bar stock 6061 aluminium reel seat.
• Supplied in a custom, hard tube.