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Robens Ambleside C66 Göngustafir


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Vörunúmer: oase-690260 Flokkar: ,
Carbon fibre 66%
Up to 135 cm
Pack size:
62 cm
448 g/set
2 pcs. set
High quality carbon poles

Long handle for quick positive handgrip in all terrain

High quality tungsten tip for safe grip on all terrain

Double fast-clip adjustment


Ergonomic EVA handle for comfortable and safe grip

Screw-on basket

Detachable soft wrist support

Carrybag included

Rubber feet are supplied with the walking poles to prevent slipping and reduce noise when traversing hard surfaces like rock and road.

The rubber feet should be removed to make use of the tungsten tip when walking on soft surfaces, like forest floor, moorland, grass and snow, or when requiring support on icy paths.

A walking pole basket should be used to prevent pole sinking into soft surfaces.